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September 29, 2023
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The Legal Do's & Don't's

If you the member are asked to a meet with a supervisor, and it turns into a disciplining meeting, you have the RIGHT to have a union steward present:

DO request an adjournment of the meeting and immediately contact a union representative.

DO listen carefully to what you are told and take careful notes about what management is saying.

DON'T discuss the matter with them or attempt to defend yourself alone if you cannot get an adjournment.

DON'T make spontaneous replies to the accusations.

DON'T 'work out' a settlement or submit a resignation without first conferring with your union representatives.

DO get union advice immediately after the meeting—don't wait t see what happens.

If management continues to press a case against you:

DO cooperate with your union representatives about what procedures you should follow.

DON'T submit any written statements to management unless they have been reviewed by a union representative or your union's attorney.

DO keep copies of any written statements submitted or received, all correspondence and the postmarked envelopes related to your case.

DO have a union representative with you at any other meetings with management.

DON'T have any 'informal' conversations with supervisors about your situation.

More information on your important Weingarten rights can be found here.

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