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November 26, 2022
An endorsement for candidate LaSpina
Updated On: Nov 02, 2022

Elections have consequences and now is not the time to lose Local 406’s experienced negotiator.

The Local faces key challenges in the coming months:

1)    Negotiate a contract for the staffers that voted to join the Local.

2)    Merge with another GCIU local that provides autonomy to the Local 406 leadership and respects the unique circumstances under which Newsday employees work.

3)    Negotiate the return-to-work regimen with Newsday management.

The resolution of each of these matters will impact all of us.

Within the Local’s leadership, the interests of journalists will be well represented by Liisa May and Deborah Morris, who have accepted the positions of secretary-treasurer and recording secretary, respectively.

Zachary Dowdy and Judy Weinberg are up for re-election shortly. Both were instrumental in organizing Newsday’s digital staff.

Please join me in supporting incumbent president Michael LaSpina, who I believe is best qualified to defend our livelihoods.

James T. Madore, reporter

This is an endorsement for Local 406 incumbent president Mike LaSpina. His challenger, Ted Phillips, has been offered the same service through the local’s website, Those wishing to support a candidate may submit 150 to 200 words, first to the candidate for approval and then to Secretary-Treasurer Liisa May ( to be emailed and posted.This is strictly a messaging service for campaign materials with no editing of the messages or endorsements. 

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